A table and chairs make a set, without this it is very difficult to imagine the well furnished apartment. Whether we have an open house or a multi-sided social life, or spend most of our time in our own company, the table continues to be the Life Center. An appropriately sized, well-lit table not only serves food, but it also takes care of the desk and a bit of guidance – so we put the bills on the table so we can scrutinize our finances or the card to help us make the trip can plan.
A large table is a symbol of stabilization and security and also the place where you will make the important decisions. It is not without reason that we talk about the round table, that is, about the conduct of negotiations in the case when it appears that there is no solution to a conflict situation or over beating your fist on the table if one is to stop making decisions.
An ideal dining table …
or more a table for dining or a lunch table is the center of family life. In today’s hectic times it is less and less common for the family to get together every day. We even eat our meals in a hurry, each in our own room, in the city and some just on the computer keyboard.
A lunch table is an occasion for us to eat together, have conversations and spend time with people, not just the electronic gadget. The renunciation of the purchase of the table and the chairs means in part the renunciation of the contact with the next. We should constantly think of the dining table as if it were a piece of furniture making up our home, and not complain when the kids do their chores and life seems to run around the table.
The sturdy comfortable chairs also make a contribution to the time spent together. Of their comfort depends above all on whether the residents of the house the end time of the meal or the talks drag on or whether they want to go quickly to their duties.
We’re still going to return to a weird language mistake in the headline. The table may not be edible, as our homes are not a fabulous gingerbread hut made from dough. But if we choose really comfortable table and comfortable chairs, then in our family life certainly something fabulous mood succeeded – especially if it appears above the table a hanging lamp and dark outside.